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Adform Creative Update July

Jul 22, 2019 12:03:58 PM


The Adform Creative Update


Key Highlights:

  • - We've Updated our Website
  • - The Foundation of Adform's Long-Term Success? A Thankful Culture.
  • - A Message from our Creative Team  
  • - Meet the team - Cindy Walley 
  • - Trending Ideas - Corporate Wear Lookbook 

We've Updated Our Website

We have updated our website! We now have direct links to some of the most sought after product categories that include quick turn items, made in the USA items, and trending ideas. You are also able to shop by your favorite brands like Nike, The North Face, Under Armour, and more! Receive 10% off orders placed online through the end of July using code “everything”.

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Check it out for yourself at

The Foundation of Adform’s Long-Term Success? A Thankful Culture.

Adform History The Adform story is a wonderful, entrepreneurial story. But that’s not the most interesting part. What is interesting is how Adform, over four decades, has added and kept customers. Though the customer base has grown, many of our founder's first accounts are still with Adform today and make up almost 10% of the customer base!

What has been the key to Adform’s long-term success? If you ask our founder Mr. Waskey, he will humbly attribute it to a unique culture based on three things: making work fun, earning recommendations, and always being thankful for customers. Read more

A Message From Our Creative TeamFoil Decoration

Foil decoration on drinkware is currently trending and is better than ever. This creative technique is only available on a selection of premium drinkware items. Let your brand shine.You can give your next drinkware item a unique retail feel by choosing foil decoration rather than the traditional full color or laser etch techniques. Visit our foil decoration showroom here for products that can be decorated this way. 

Meet The Team - Cindy Walley

This month we're putting the spotlight on Cindy because she has taken on additional responsibility as our new Creative Coordinator. Cindy is helping our graphics team be even more efficient. Way to go Cindy! We all appreciate the work you're doing to keep our team organized. Thank you!

We've been lucky to have Cindy on our team for 14 years next month! In addition to coordinating our graphics projects, Cindy always upholds this Adform core value: "We are meticulous with our client's brand." She checks logos, PMS color matches, and is the first to call our production partners to ensure quality is up to the highest standards. 

On a personal note Cindy brings laughter and joy to our office every single day. Her unwavering positivity helps our entire team continue to work hard building our clients' brands.  

Cindy is passionate about creative branding solutions. She is excited to help companies build their brands. If you'd like to learn more about her, you can say hello on LinkedIn. We know that Cindy would love to connect.  

Trending Ideas 


Check out our Corporate Wear Lookbook full of hand selected items that are stylish, professional and designed for layering. Ladies, way more then basic polos - we have blouse options!

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