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Adform’s Net Promoter Score

Oct 9, 2019 11:58:39 AM

NPS pie chart-1

Adform is Batting 1,000

Do you remember filling out a quick survey for Adform a little while ago?  It started like this:

NPS survey

If you filled this out, the crowd over here at Adform is cheering for you! 

Who is the referee?

Adform uses the Net Promoter Score platform as its customer satisfaction tool.  This is a popular client recommendation metric measuring the likelihood of individuals to promote/recommend a particular company to their friends, colleagues, etc.  The audience, which in this case was our clients, is asked to rank their personal probability of referring others to the company on a scale of 0 to 10. 

Scores of 0-6 are considered detractors, 7-8 are considered neutrals, and 9-10 are considered promoters.  To determine the company's overall score, the percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters.

So, did Adform hit it out of the park?

With an astounding score of 74 this year, up 6 points from last year, we have hit a home run!  Compared to Macy's 2018 score of -2, Amazon's 7, and UPS' 39, we think it's safe to say we're in the big leagues now.  Given that the NPS scoring system ranges from -100 to 100, a positive outcome is considered good, anything above 50 is excellent, and a grand slam that skyrockets beyond 70 is referred to as 'world class'.

adform_net promoter score_nps scale_v4

What is the crowd chanting?

The second screen of our survey gave respondents a chance to share their praise or suggestions.

second screenHere are a few shout-outs from our loyal fans: 

  • "Lots of variety and easy to order."
  • "I receive great service and exactly what I was looking for."
  • "This was a real world rating! The other day I received a call from a former colleague and friend who was looking for promotional items and wanted to know who I use. I sent off your info straight away. Your responsiveness and follow up is top notch."
  • "My first experience with Adform was wonderful and I've never sought (or recommended) any other company."

Thanks for playing ball with us!

Although it is an understatement to say we are pleased with the success of the survey, we have also stepped up to the plate to focus on neutral and detractor responses that pointed out where we may have been slightly off base.  While none of the comments we received came as curve-balls, we're not too proud to say that we have hit a ground ball or two over the years.  However, we have contacted most of our detractors and promise to take a better swing at things next time.  By giving us your feedback on our service, we have been able to congratulate the pinch- and big- hitters on our team!  Thanks for helping us cover our bases!

If for some reason we didn't address your response right off the bat, just give us an extra inning and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  Although we will continue to touch bases annually so we never are out in left field about our own performance, if you missed the original email and don't want to wait a year to join our cheerleaders, email us at

Until then, we'll keep doing what we do, one base at a time.


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