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In the News: Another Slam Dunk For Dunkin'

Nov 23, 2021 9:16:44 PM

Dunkin' Donuts knows how to combine branded merchandise with social media, but its latest collection takes the cake (or donut). The brand recently dropped a merch line based on the #TellMeWithoutTellingMe hashtag that's amassed over 1.7 billion views on TikTok.

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The "Tell Me You Love Dunkin' Without Telling Me You Love Dunkin'" collection features 11 apparel items including hoodies, pullovers, sleep sets, fuzzy slippers, dog bandanas, and more. Dunkin's iconic pink and orange are emphasized in bold patterns that, likely not coincidentally, will stand out well on social media. Several of the items, like the sleep set and wearable blanket, are already sold out.

Some of the designs sport small details that add to the fun. The color block hoodie, for example, has a donut icon pattern printed on the interior of the hood. The pajama pants have the same icons running down the leg.

Dunkin' teased a sequel to this merch release in another TikTok post which stated the collection would be launched when the post reached one million views. Dunkin' hasn't tipped their hand to reveal what the second drop will include, but the teaser post featured a T-shirt and a reversible plush that transforms into a hot coffee or an iced coffee.

Dunkin' has prioritized social media - especially TikTok. On Twitter, Dunkin' has 1.2 million followers; Starbucks has 10.3 million. But on TikTok, Dunkin' has 3 million followers and Starbucks' has 1.7 million. Dunkin' has earned that edge by catering to its TikTok audience through branded merchandise aimed at younger people.

Dunkin' continues to use merchandise to drive engagement, as well as or better than its contemporaries. Even if the brand doesn't reach the million views required to unlock its latest TikTok collection, this campaign is already a win.

Does it feel like your marketing isn't bringing in enough wins? The purpose of branded merch is to make your brand stand out. If you’re stuck with merch that's past it's prime, in a world where your competition is trying to one-up your every move, it's time to invest in creativity.

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