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Best of the Best: Executive Pens

Jun 7, 2022 1:20:19 PM

6-3We’ve ranked the top six pens we’d display on a mahogany desk or use to sign a history-shaping document. The Montblanc Meisterstück tops the list with an iconic image and nimble writing performance to match. If you want a pen that’s a bit heavier weight — and lighter on the wallet — the Cross Townsend is a presidential favorite for signatures. The Lamy Studio Rollerball is perfect for mid-century design connoisseurs, while the Pilot Metropolitan is a budget-friendly choice gives the heavy hitters a run for their money. Read on to learn more about the pens we compared.

#1 Montblanc - Meisterstück


Starting at $748.00

One of the most iconic pen designs in history with its deep black resin, gold-coated details, and white star emblem, the Montblanc Meisterstück takes the first prize without much competition. This pen is an old-school luxury, but also a practical gift that a graduate, friend, or colleague will be able to use every day.

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#2 Cross - Townsend


Starting at $239.70

If a legendary German masterpiece is too over-the-top in your opinion, the Cross Townsend is a prestige pen in its own right and just as good a writing instrument as the Montblanc. While the Cross headquarters are still in Rhode Island, only the most expensive Cross pens are still made in America.

For those who value individuality and impeccable style, the Townsend embodies classic American tradition. Inspired by the graceful lines of 1930 Art Deco design, complete with distinctive finishes, precious metals, and the signature double band, the Townsend offers a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing. No wonder it's been the pen of choice for several American Presidents.

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#3 Pilot - Metropolitan


Starting at $34.96

If you’re looking for executive-suite style in a budget-friendly pen, the Pilot Metropolitan Rollerball has a balance and refinement that would be competitive at a price three times higher than its MSRP. The Metropolitan pens have a matte metallic finish and stainless steel accents.

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#4 Lamy Studio Rollerball Pen


Starting at $124.86

Regarded worldwide as a pioneer in modern pen design, Lamy has been a chief innovator in the pen arena for decades. Based on the inspirations of the notable Swiss designer and architect Hannes Wettstein, the Lamy Studio Rollerball Pen has a wide elliptical barrel and is designed with writing comfort and high performance in mind. With a propeller-like clip and sleek finish, the Lamy Studio Rollerball Pen combines forward-thinking style with superior functionality.

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#5 Retro 51 - Tornado


Starting at $30.00

For those searching for a reliable metal-body pen that's affordable, the Retro 51 Tornado is a great option. It's a twist-top rollerball with stainless steel barrel, shiny chrome accents, and loaded with a rollerball refill. Each color is dipped in translucent lacquer and finished with chrome.

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#6 Parker - Jotter


Starting at $9.80

Rounding out our list with an affordable classic, the Parker Jotter has a strong fan base of pen collectors because of its reliability, the confidence-inspiring metal “click” it makes, and the price. The Parker Jotter is perfect for those who need a pen on the go and love simple, yet stylish, accessories. The ballpoint nib offers exceptional durability and ease, coupled with a streamlined design.

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