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Branded in Memory: How Recognizable Are Famous Logos?

Nov 16, 2017 4:09:00 PM

Company logos are one of the most important aspects of business branding, but do you ever stop to think about how memorable that logo really is? Famous brands such as Starbucks, Foot Locker, and Walmart were just 3 of 10 companies highlighted in a recent experiment testing how accurately our brains could recall the famous logos of these well-known brands.

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In the experiment, 150 individuals were asked to draw 10 famous logos from memory. Over 1,500 drawings were created over a period of 80 hours, and the results proved that while the logos of these iconic brands may be recognizable - recalling the brand's most recent logo with all the correct colors and details was no easy feat.

So that begs the question, how recognizable is your logo? AND is it the various colors, text and other elements of your logo that people recognize, or is it a general brand coupled with high-quality apparel or products? 

The 10 brands included in the experiment were: Apple, Addidas, Burger King, Domino's, 7 Eleven, Foot Locker, Target, Starbucks, Walmart and Ikea.

The most recognizable brand in this experiment was found to be Ikea, with 30% of participants creating a near-perfect drawing of the company's logo and 56% creating good drawings.

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Written by Courtney