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In the News: Burger King worker's 27-year anniversary gift shocks The Internet

Jul 19, 2022 10:56:21 AM

A clear Starbucks cup. Two rolls of Lifesaver candies and a single Regal movie ticket. These were some of the items that made Kevin Ford’s day on his 27th anniversary working at Burger King.

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A TikTok of the employee happily showing off his presents went viral, with viewers respecting his humble excitement over the gifts and many questioning why he didn’t receive more. “This is someone that finds the good in everything,” someone commented on the video, which garnered hundreds of thousands of views. “I know he will be blessed with more.”

But Ford, nor his family, never knew just how much more.

After Ford’s story spread on social media, his daughter, Seryna Ford, set up a GoFundMe to help support her father in light of all the support he received online. “The man in that video is my father. He has worked at his job for 27 years and yes, he has never missed a day of work,” she wrote on the GoFundMe.

"In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren.” In less than 10 days, the Fords were looking at over $250,000 in donations.

On the GoFundMe page, the comments poured:

Sometimes we do our jobs with our best efforts because is our job, but wouldn't be nice if companies would take a moment in recognize, promote, and support exceptional workers as you are!

Congratulations on 27 years I have also worked for my company for 29 years and also don’t receive recognition, but still find my own happiness in my loyalty to my employer

You deserved SO much more for the 27 years of hard work and loyalty you gave and I’m sorry that cooperations like Burger King don’t know how to show proper appreciation to people like you.

The Lesson?

"Managers need to show appreciation that's proportional to your people's achievements."


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