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Charity Spotlight: Foodshare

Nov 6, 2019 9:07:15 AM

Foodshare is a member of the national organization Feeding America.  In partnership with the food industry, donors, community leaders, and volunteers, Foodshare works to maximize access to nutritious food and other resources that support food security.


Through their belief that though hunger is big, the Foodshare community is larger than hunger, they collaborate with anti-hunger organizations and policy makers to build effective solutions to end hunger.

One of their main goals is to make sure the food-deprived are fed via easy and accessible means. This is partially achieved through Mobile Foodshare, a pantry-on-wheels that delivers produce and other food.  Such a vehicle gives Foodshare volunteers a firsthand view of the living conditions and neighborhoods of the food-insecure they are helping. 


The Feeding America 2014 Hunger in America study found that households seeking charitable food assistance had to make tough budget choices at some point during that year:


For 35 years Foodshare has been providing food for people who are hungry. It is their conviction that hunger is one piece of a patchwork quilt of social issues which need solutions that address often complicated causes and consequences.


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