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Charity Spotlight: Maryland Food Bank

Nov 4, 2019 10:59:44 AM

This year the Maryland Food Bank (MFB) observes its 42nd anniversary. Originally the first food bank on the East Coast, this non-profit now has an extensive network of community and organizational partners that distribute victuals statewide.


Their wholesale buying power, combined with decades of expertise and strategic partnerships allows them to maximize resources, meeting needs through carefully tailored feeding programs. Some of the entities they supply food to include food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and faith-based organizations that serve food-insecure Marylanders. This work is supplemented with outreach programs that provide direct food assistance, educate the public on the importance of good nutrition, and fight hunger through innovative means.

Their mission statement is: feeding people, strengthening communities, and ending hunger for more Marylanders. One volunteer, Georgina Thompson, comments, “When I saw the food bank’s mission I said ‘that’s where I want to start making a difference – at the Maryland Food Bank.’” She volunteers every Tuesday and Wednesday in the Partner Services reception area, assisting Network Partners that come to the Baltimore warehouse to pick up food.
MD Food Bank

“We are fortunate that Georgina chose to donate her time to us,” said Thomas Higdon, MFB’s volunteer program manager. “Having regular volunteers like her is such a luxury – partners see a familiar face when they come in and knowing that she is there every Tuesday and Wednesday allows us to focus our resources on doing more for more Marylanders.”  Since her first shift less than a year ago, Georgina ranks in the Top 5 of all 2019 volunteers (in terms of hours) - volunteering a total of 318 hours, saving the food bank the equivalent of $9,110.70!

In addition to volunteering, you can help ensure food becomes a basic human right by contributing financially.

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