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Set Up a Company Store for Employees with Adform

Aug 1, 2017 11:16:50 AM

Whether you are looking for a streamlined way to give your employees gifts and recognition, or you want to provide individual locations with the power to purchase their own marketing and POP materials, an employee company store by Adform is here to help. From designing the merchandise to setting up the website to handling the logistics of fulfillment and delivery, Adform will take care of the details of your branded employee store so you can focus on the many other things requiring your attention.

Offer Gifts, Incentives, and Recognition with a Branded Employee Store

If you want to make your employees feel valuable and appreciated, a company store for employees is an excellent place to start. When you have your own estore for employees, each team member can choose a unique token of appreciation to make sure they receive something they will actually use. Our team will design branded items that stay true to your brand image—such as Bluetooth speakers, outdoor chairs, duffel bags, and jackets—and you have approval over everything available in your store for employees. Once your team member has chosen the branded item they would love to have, we will take care of the rest. We warehouse all of the items for you, and will ship out each order to your pre-designated location (some companies choose the employees’ homes, and others opt for store delivery).

Supply On-Demand Marketing Materials with an Employee Company Store

Do you have required uniforms for your team members? Do you provide a variety of POP products or marketing materials for each of your locations? By setting up an employee company store, you can streamline the process of getting these materials to each location while also giving your management team some pride of ownership. They will get to go online to your estore for employees and select the branded apparel and marketing materials they want to use, but you maintain complete control over what is available, so they will not have access to anything that has not been pre-approved.

Why Adform for Employee Stores Online 

At Adform, we strive to provide you with high-quality branded products that your employees will be happy to own and you will be proud to have your name on. By displaying these items in a visually appealing, simple-to-use estore for employees, you can streamline operations, consolidate spending, and make the process of distributing branded merchandise effortless.

 Our employee stores online will bring you the peace of mind that all of the logistics are taken care of and your team members will be thrilled with what they receive. To learn more about our branded company stores, contact us today. We would love to walk you through the possibilities.

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Written by Tim