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In the news: Despite the Summer Heat, Soup Enthusiasts are Undeterred

Jul 28, 2021 10:52:18 AM

In a recent study conducted by Panera Bread which surveyed 700 U.S. participants, 70% reported that hot weather does not stop them from eating soup. This may explain, in part, why Panera Bread chose July, historically one of the hottest months ever recorded, to launch a Soup-themed line of branded merch.



Their Swim-Soup Collection features four swimwear styles - two one-piece bathing suits and two pairs of swim trunks, all priced at $25.00 each. The merch drop is rounded out with a Bread Bowl Pool float, available for $20.00. However, it's only being offered for a limited time at, while supplies last.

The more basic one-piece comes in Panera's iconic green - the same shade you recognize from their menus and signage - and gets straight to the point with the word "SOUP" printed in font large enough to catch the attention of even the most near-sighted pool-goers.

The green swim trunks feature Panera's "Mother Bread" logo, in a tribute to the 30-year-old sourdough starter used as the base in many of their dishes.

A Broc Ched one-piece and matching Broc-Ched swim trunks are bespeckled with the same all-over cheddar-topped broccoli print.

Finally, the inflatable pool float, which looks just like one of Panera's bread bowls, is probably the closest you'll ever be to knowing how it feels to be a serving of Summer Corn Chowder.

Shipping on Panera Bread's merch is free, which means you'll have a couple extra dollars to order a bowl of hot soup, on the way to the beach. Just remember to wait 30 minutes after eating before taking a plunge. Or is that even still a thing? 

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