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Case Study: Estes Express Line's Christmas Ornament

Jun 4, 2021 4:14:00 PM

The Classic Collectible.

Estes Express Lines is a provider of regional, national, and international LTL freight shipping services.



Seeking First to Understand.

Estes Express Lines is owned and operated by the Estes family and as a result, has a family-friendly culture. To reward employees at the end of the year, leadership at Estes Express Lines selected lifestyle gifts that appealed to their staff, as well as gifts that centered around their staff's family. Examples of this include branded flashlights and coolers which were redeemable on a company webstore alongside branded youth t-shirts and drinkware for toddlers. A Christmas ornament, custom molded to model an Estes Express Lines tractor trailer, was an instant fit into this gift offering. 

Painting with Product.

These custom keepsake ornaments are manufactured in the USA through an intricate process. After determining the overall intended look of the ornament, budget, quantity, and timeframe for the project, there are a variety of ways an ornament can be brought to life.
1. Dimension - flat, 2D, or 3D
2. Finish - 24 Karat Gold, Rhodium Silver or Hand Lacquer
3. Packaging - Standard/Custom Box, Brochure Inserts, Romance Label

A Platform That Delivers.

This ornament, along with other bespoke merchandise, was distributed through the Estes Express Lines' company store for the holidays. Every employee had $100 to spend as they pleased on the store and this product was a great success. As unique and timeless memorabilia, which are on display during happy family events, the custom ornaments give Estes Express Line's staff a reason to celebrate their work life alongside their personal life. This leads to increased employee retention and longevity. A custom ornament is a tangible brand asset around which memories form.
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