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Best of the Best: The 3 Best Men's Beanies of 2022

Dec 29, 2022 1:14:24 PM


Searching for a new beanie for whenever the weather turns cold? After extensive market research, we purchased 10 of the best men's beanies for side-by-side analysis. Our testing team wore these beanies through the fall, winter, and spring, through the wildly variable weather of the Northeast. We pulled them down tight through the rain and bone-chilling wind, packed them for frigid nights in the backcountry, and even enjoyed their comfort on mild and sunny afternoons.

#1 Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie


Price $31.12

Classic Carhartt at its finest, the Knit Cuffed Beanie is our favorite cold-weather hat. Built with the heavy-duty and high-quality construction that the brand is synonymous with, you get exactly the kind of product you'd expect here. While other beanies we tested had a similar construction style and similar material used, this one was always coming out a notch above and on top. With quality design and construction, the acrylic rib knitting provides a snug fit on most head sizes without being too tight. This beanie kept us comfortable and warm, providing serious protection from the elements while also having the ability to keep you dry from sweat on those long and rugged days.

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#2 Top Level Cuffed


Price $7.32

Cut and dry, this is as traditional and simple as a beanie gets. When people think of a beanie, what probably appears in their mind is something along the lines of the Top Level Cuffed. Synthetic materials and a tight-knit construction make this one your standard winter beanie at a great price. Warmth and weather resistance are strong, and the adjustable cuff and stretchy build make this one adaptable to anyone's head.

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#3 The North Face Salty Dog


Price $42.25

The North Face Salty Dog feels just as at home down on the docks as it does on a campsite. Perfect for everyday wear, this beanie looks great and feels better. A synthetic exterior helps keep you dry, while the jersey cotton liner gives some extra warmth and a ton of comfort. The construction lets your head breathe without overheating, but the thick knit and soft liner keep you plenty warm, even when the temperature drops well below freezing. The liner is relatively shallow, which allows the cuff to be adjustable to different sizes without sacrificing the comfort the jersey cotton provides for your forehead and scalp. The North Face holds nothing back, using top-notch materials and impeccable construction, giving it a high-quality look and feel.

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