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Case Study: Frederick Brick Works' Hat

May 10, 2021 3:15:49 PM

X Out jobsite discomfort.

Frederick Brick Works is a masonry supply store serving homeowners, contractors, architects, landscapers, and designers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern U.S.




Seeking First To Understand.

Through collaboration with Frederick Brick Works, it was discovered that workers on a jobsite regularly battle with safety glasses that are unwilling to stay propped atop the head and perpetually get in the way. Another inconvenience encountered by workers is that the visor of the hat they're wearing often presses their glasses into their nose.

Painting with Product.

To solve these issues, a Custom X Brace hat was developed. This product is new to the market and exclusive to Adform Creative. Depending on the wearer's need, safety or sun glasses can be tucked securely into the X Brace, which will lock the glasses in place until they are needed again. The hat is branded with the Frederick Brick Works logo on the front.

A Platform That Delivers.

Adform Creative knows where to produce what you need. With over 40 years of experience, Adform Creative has supply chain partners around the globe who can easily help with effective solutions to problems that are persistent and seem as old as time. Not only are the clients of Frederick Brick Works wearing a comfortable hat, they're experiencing a better quality of work life.


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