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In the News: Custom Apparel

Oct 25, 2019 1:42:12 PM

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UPS's decision to make their corporate uniform more contemporary has been very well received with employees. “Compared to the old uniform, this is a big improvement,” said Florida delivery driver, Mark Monroe. One of 100 drivers in 30 locations who participated in months of ‘test driving’ the new uniform options, he says “I’d give it a ten. Ten plus, plus! It breathes and it’s much more comfortable fabric – it makes a huge difference compared to the old uniform.” Another Florida based driver, Juan Constante, who has been with the company for 31 years, agrees. “This is Florida, so temperatures can be in the 90s with high humidity. It’s [the new polo shirt] moisture wicking so it keeps you cooler,” says Juan. “And there’s nothing wrong with going out there, doing a good job and looking good while you’re doing it. Two thumbs up!”  


Some of the changes include:

1. Shirts - a pullover three-button polo made of sweat-wicking fabric with color blocking on the sides has been introduced. Most of the changes involve using 100% polyester material to offer these industrial athletes, UPS drivers, improved breath-ability and stretch for a better range of motion, thereby enhancing employee comfort and productivity.
2. Branding - the UPS branding on the front and back of the shirt now includes reflective technology to improve employee safety in low light conditions for the company’s 125,000+ drivers. Reflective stripes have also been added to the shirt sleeves and the winter hat.
3. Pants - the fit has been modernized with a lower waist and stretchable twill fabric.
4. Hats - a mesh ball cap comprising moisture-wicking features is now in the line-up, along with a wide-brim hat for sun protection.


Keep your eyes peeled for this uniform makeover as it is phased in across the country.  During the transition, drivers can continue to wear their untucked squared-off shirts from the previous uniform if they prefer.  One feature that remains unchanged is the emblematic Circle of Honor patch, incorporated into the hats and shirts 10 years ago, for drivers who have reached the milestone of 25 years of safe driving.  

Outfitting UPS’s driver workforce is no small task.  Equating to enough cloth to span the length of the Mississippi River, it takes nearly 4 million yards of brown cloth and 2 million yards of brown thread to sew the 375,000 hats, 405,000 shirts, 375,000 pairs of trousers and 290,000 pairs of shorts needed to dress UPS drivers!

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