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In the news: Ikea Launches Merchandise Collection

Dec 2, 2020 5:32:43 PM

IKEA, best known for its modern home furniture solutions for small spaces, has ventured into the branded apparel world, at least in Asian markets. Earlier this year, they released their first apparel line - EFTERTRÄDA - exclusively in Japan.

IKEA t-shirt

If you’re wondering what that word means (like we do every time we buy a book case or side table from IKEA), it’s Swedish for 'successor'. This ties into the theme that the apparel line “follows [IKEA’s] approach to home furnishing with a simple, minimalist take.”

Although the new launch was originally intended for Japan, the IKEA Singapore website advertised that it too would receive products from the EFTERTRÄDA line. In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, the collection is complete with accessories such as tote bags, an umbrella, and bath towels.

There is something inherently appealing about the simple, efficient design and branding IKEA is known for, and this works well on apparel. Hopefully there’s no assembly required because translating Japanese instructions to sew together a t-shirt would require a lot of effort!

If the line is successful in Japan and Singapore, it may well end up worldwide. From there, clothing could be a new facet of IKEA's business. Hey, if you can be equally loved for home furnishings and meatballs, you must be doing something right!

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