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In the News: Is Ralph Lauren’s polo pony the new dark horse of branded apparel?

Jun 2, 2021 11:35:23 AM

Ralph Lauren recently launched a new made-to-order polo shirt platform which allows shoppers to customize polo shirts to their exact specifications. The brand indicated that the launch of this platform was part of a plan to get more into on-demand manufacturing, thereby reducing surplus supply, and cited sustainability concerns that have surrounded the apparel industry as an underlying cause for action.

Ralph Lauren

On-demand programs are an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of producing apparel. Instead of trying to predict how many pieces will sell, each made-to-order polo shirt is created especially for its buyer, cutting back on fabric waste.

For Ralph Lauren to embrace on-demand manufacturing, given its strategic positioning in fashion as both legendary and traditional, is a big step in the realm of sustainable apparel. This customization effort also proves that there are more means of achieving sustainability than manufacturing with recycled materials and upcycling.

Ralph Lauren apparel is once again becoming relevant in branded sportswear after their recent decision to partner with several MLB teams. In 2018, Ralph Lauren worked with their hometown team, the New York Yankees, to develop a collection that sold out fast. Their latest partnership will see the brand collaborating with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and, again, the Yankees.

The Ralph Lauren brand is no stranger to sportswear, having been the official outfitter for Team USA at the Olympics on multiple occasions. The newest MLB collection includes Ralph Lauren staples with various baseball imagery, like polo shirts with MLB team logos or polo shirts with their iconic logo rocking a team’s uniform, sweatshirt, jacket, or cap. It’s an unexpected way to combine team spirit with fashion and gives fans a preppier way to dress for a ballgame than the average T-shirt or jersey.

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