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Case Study: Jerr-dan's Plush Toys

Jun 4, 2021 4:19:49 PM

I can Carry 5 Tons, Yet I'm soft and Furry. What am i?

Jerr-Dan is a towing and vehicle recovery equipment manufacturer, known for setting standards in the production of tow trucks, wreckers, rollbacks, and carriers.


Seeking First to Understand.

After working with Jerr-Dan for many years and learning about their family oriented culture, plush toys seemed like the perfect addition to a webstore (hosted by Adform Creative) which already sold apparel for the children of Jerr-Dan staff members. Examples of this include youth t-shirts inscribed with "My Dad Drives A Jerr-Dan," "My Mom Makes Cars Disappear," and "Future Tower in Training".

Painting with Product.

To replicate the Jerr-Dan Rotator and Tow Truck as closely as possible, the Adform Creative Team worked closely with Jerr-Dan to ensure that as many details as possible were mirrored on the plush toys. Along with capturing complex features of the equipment and matching Jerr-Dan's PMS colors, using quality plush made from soft fabrics and high-strength stitching techniques, a Jerr-Dan tag was added for exclusivity. 

A Platform That Delivers.

Jerr-Dan handed out these plush toys at shows and offered them for purchase on their company store.
Studies prove that organizations which accompany their branding with a 3-D character typically see a high return on such an investment. Children form deep bonds with characters, or more specifically, with stuffed toys. Giving a brand's clientele the ability to hold and befriend a character enables them to form a connection and likely associate the brand with fond memories for years to come. This is the type of personal experience that turns clients into raving fans. 
Custom plush toys of a character create team spirit around a brand and form links with family members of employees. Through 40 years of working with brands, Adform Creative has the experience to recommend products that appeal to a brand's target audience. With awareness of trends in an industry and effective solutions to the need for a brand to instill lasting memorable branding experiences (even if this means connecting with the little people!), Adform Creative has the know-how. 
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