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Case Study: JLG Champion Training Kit

May 10, 2021 3:01:55 PM

An American flavor to a South American recipe for success.

JLG is a leading manufacturer of lift equipment including aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, and low-level access lifts.


Seeking First to Understand.

JLG reached out to Adform Creative to create a kit which would drive engagement at their first ever virtual Champion Training event. Adform Creative learned about the South American audience and JLG's desire to encourage attendance in light of the virtual nature of the event. The result was a combination of products inspired by functionality and steeped in quality. 

Painting with Product.









JLG selected mainly products that could withstand full color decoration methods, giving our Graphics Team carte blanche liberties to design what would make up part of the attendees' crucial first impressions of the event. To prevent kits from arriving at recipients' residences looking disheveled and misplaced, a die-cut custom foam insert was used to hold the products in place. 
  • The door hanger helped to prevent interruptions during Zoom meetings.
  • The branded mask intended to show JLG's care for the attendee's health and wellbeing.
  • The webcam cover ensured online privacy in between Zoom meetings.
  • The phone stand served as a reminder to set phones aside. Its microfiber base doubled as a phone cleaner.
  • The journal and pen encouraged notetaking.
  • The Tervis tumbler, known for its lifetime guarantee, is a quality piece of drinkware that the attendees will undoubtedly put to good use for years to come.

A Platform That Delivers.

The kits were assembled at Adform Creative's fulfillment center and shipped to countries across South America. JLG reported top attendance, despite initial concerns that the switch to a virtual setting may have been a deterrent to participation. Identifying production partners capable of domestically manufacturing such a broad array of merchandise, like the selection in the JLG Champion Training box, can be a challenge. However, by combining our clever domestic sourcing capabilities with our in-depth international shipping capabilities, JLG was able to instill a lasting impression in their clients' minds about their organization's service, ingenuity, and value. The products encompassed by the kit are a remarkable extension of JLG's brand. 


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