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Case Study: JLG's Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Jun 4, 2021 4:25:46 PM

Foresight Gives better eyesight on the job-sight.

JLG is a leading manufacturer of lift equipment including aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, and low-level access lifts.


Seeking First To Understand.

JLG partnered with Adform Creative to identify a solution for construction workers on the jobsite who tackle challenges faced by their safety glasses fogging up when encountering steam and heat or when wearing a mask. This tendency can temporarily impair vision and in extreme cases, cause an accident. 

Painting with Product.

The end result? JLG Safety Glasses, featuring a modern and sporty frame with anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings. The glasses have 99.99% UVA UVB light absorption which also protects the construction worker's vision when exposed to high sunlight environments. A fully custom pouch accompanies the glasses for protection when they are not in use and simultaneously increases their longevity, reducing corporate spend on safety supplies.

A Platform That Delivers.

Adform Creative questions the current standard and settles for nothing less than solved. By living and breathing the brands it works with, Adform Creative is in the gearbox every day asking how they can make it better. JLG experienced this with a simple, smooth, solved approach - simple inquiry into a perpetual problem; smooth product selection; solved for JLG employee and clients ad infinitum. Why should any brand settle for status quo over strategy? 
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