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Case Study: L3Harris Technologies' Mova Globe

Aug 19, 2021 11:57:41 AM

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.

L3Harris Technologies is a US based technology company and defense contractor for air, land, sea, space and cyber critical missions.Picture2


Seeking First To Understand.

With three weeks to spare, L3 Harris Technologies' executive assistant to the chairman approached Adform Creative, requesting gift ideas for an event to be held in Tokyo.

Painting with Product.




The product decided on was a Mova Globe. Known for rotating without batteries or wires, each globe has a transparent outer shell that remains stationary while an internal shell spins. Advanced magnets provide torque and solar cells power the movement. The globe helped to represent the leaders from the many countries who were present at the event. Each globe was personalized with the recipient's name and the company logo. No one at the event had received a Mova Globe previously and given its ties to technology and universality, the globes made a meaningful impact on all attendees.

A Platform That Delivers.

On time, every time. Despite the time crunch and overseas destination, all of the gifts made it to the event in time. Some travelled with the executive assistant, the remainder were shipped by DHL. 
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