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Logoed Promotional Products: Are Yours Making An Impression?

Jul 27, 2017 6:10:59 PM

Company Logos Trigger Brand Recognition

Size matters...especially when we're referring to company logos. Actually, everything about your logo matters from its size, to the colors, to the overall style of it, and perhaps most importantly, where it appears.

Prior to the digital world we live in now, logos were just a symbol. Now, logos are a pathway to successful brand recognition. They are not only seen in print, but also in video, as mobile icons, and on promotional products.

The possibilities are endless when using promotional products to market your company. Promotional products give your logo the power of visibility, to be seen, recognized and remembered!

How To Power Your Brand With Logoed Promotional Products

Promotional products are a multi-tiered marketing investment.

Not only do they provide positive brand reinforcement for consumers who receive them, but they also receive thousands of impressions from others who see them.

impressions for logoed promotional products
If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, you're going to want to go with one of these 5 logoed promotional product categories that are reported to receive the largest number of impressions: 

Having said that, impressions aren't the only measure of success you should take into consideration when choosing a promotional products vendor.

Logoed promotional products kept up to 14 monthsUnlike a logo that is seen in print in a newspaper, on a billboard, or even online; logoed promotional products give your brand the power of longevity.

To put this into perspective, you may receive around 3,000 impressions from a logoed promotional pen, but a promotional umbrella has much greater longevity and will keep your company top-of-mind for a much longer period of time.

According to a recent ASI study, consumers reported keeping logoed promotional products for 6 months or longer. Promotional products gain extra visibility with their impressive "staying power."

Over 60% of consumers said that when they were done using a promotional item they would give it to someone else. This, of course, gives your brand increased exposure.

best kept logoed promotional products

So what do consumers say is their main reason for deciding to keep a product and possibly pass it along to someone else later? Usefulness!

When deciding to invest in promotional products, you need to consider not only how many impressions it may get you, or the longevity of it, but also how useful it will be to your target audience.

Now the questions you need to ask yourself are where is my company's logo appearing? And what kind of impression is it leaving?

Below are a few words consumers used to describe how they felt when they received a logoed promotional product!

Logoed promotional product reviews


Written by Courtney