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Case Study: PFG Takes “Steps” to Raise Safety Awareness

May 31, 2017 3:01:27 PM


According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the total economic cost of worker injuries and fatalities is $140 billion per year! It should be no surprise, then, that companies across the US are working hard to improve worker safety and reduce costs. The effort is worth it. The NSC estimates that for every $1 invested in safety, companies can get a return of $2 to $6!

In the spirit of this year’s National Safety Month’s theme “Keep Each Other Safe” we highlight a creative program conceived by adform customer PFG Customized Distribution.

The Bridge the Gap program is a safety initiative PFG created to address safety concerns across the company. “The program is ongoing and changes as the business and safety concerns change,” says Rebecca Hurst, Project Manager at PFG. “However, the goal is the same—to keep people safe.”

Everyone in the company is involved. This includes 1,800 employees in the PFG Customized Distribution division. A team of 12 leads the initiative. They set specific reduction targets each year and organize six-month "safety celebrations" to recognize their successes. 

“At the recommendation of our distribution centers, we reached out to adform to assist us with safety gear, such as shirts and vests,” explains Hurst. Adform also helped create materials to market the safety program to all of PFG’s associates. This included custom banners and wall wraps in the corridors and break rooms, which feature slogans and reminders.

“A popular part of the program is the Steps of Progress safety initiative that PFG implemented in the Maryland facility,” highlights Jason Waskey, Client Partner at adform. PFG affixes magnetic signs to a metal stair riser as they progress toward their goals. Each step represents a level of achievement in safety. “The stairs were highly visible and helped to keep the program, and safety, top-of-mind,” adds Waskey. The riser has 31 steps, one for each day of the month. “It’s a great way to promote safety awareness, for a very low investment.”

PFG measures their progress monthly by tracking their RCR (OSHA's Recordable Case Rate - # of accidents per 200,000 work hours) and AMM (Accidents per Million Miles driven). While the program is a work in process, the company is off to a great start in finding new and interesting ways to promote safety in the workplace for the benefit of the PFG family.

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Written by John