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Case Study: Spectrum's Holiday Gifts

May 10, 2021 3:23:55 PM

A chance to mix (your hot chocolate) & Mingle (with Long-Lost Friends).

Charter Communications, Inc., is an American telecommunications, internet, and mass media company with services branded as Charter Spectrum. 


Seeking First to Understand.

Due to widespread remote working throughout the organization, the Team at Spectrum North Carolina hadn't seen each other for the better part of a year. To celebrate the holiday season and give Team members a chance to catch up, Spectrum organized a drive-thru holiday gifting event. Spectrum consulted Adform Creative to recommend a product that would not only be seasonal and  Spectrum-centric, but would also spread mirth and merriment. 

Painting with Product.

After deciding on a kit complete with the ingredients for peppermint hot chocolate, Adform Creative's Graphics Team was enlisted to spray Spectrum branding across the packaging. Two tones of blue from Spectrum's color palette were selected to coat the interior and exterior of the box and the logo adorned the ribbon. The final result bleeds Spectrum's brand. 

A Platform That Delivers.

A kit requiring later assembly was the ideal way to recognize employees in an environment with somewhat limited resources - a parking lot! After receiving their hot chocolate kit in the drive-thru, along with other gifts like Bluetooth earbuds, staff were given the chance to pull aside and chat. The event saw an 80% turnout, thanks in part to the gift incentive. Positive results require strategy first, product second. The thinking before the doing is priceless and Adform Creative does it absolutely free. Without plenty of forethought, this opportunity for employee recognition might have been overlooked.
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