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Case Study: Spectrum's Presenters Studio

May 6, 2021 12:05:18 PM

Remote working shouldn't mean loss of team cohesion.


Seeking First to Understand.

The Executive Sales Team at Spectrum had been working remotely for nearly a year. Spectrum approached Adform Creative to help make the Sales Team more comfortable with virtual meetings and to ensure as close to a real life meeting experience as possible. Adform Creative learned about the demographics of Spectrum's Sales Team and what would be required to provide the confidence boost needed for effectively presenting from the home office.

Painting with Product.

Using a box that could be fully customized in terms of size and design as our canvas, our Graphics Team set to work designing within the guidelines of Spectrum's brand. To fill the box, products were skillfully selected to meet the needs of the Sales Team operating from home.
  • The door hanger inspired confidence for the work-from-home parent endeavoring to keep their children at bay during meetings.
  • The ring light, complete with a tripod and remote, provided better lighting for the Sales Team.
  • The webcam cover ensured privacy between meetings.
  • The pair of top-quality JBL earbuds with a mic to guard against poor audio.
  • The 8.5" x 11" year-at-a-glance calendar replaced the monthly calendars that the Sales Team had left thumb-tacked to their office walls.
  • The instruction manual provided easy-to-read steps for setting up the set.


A Platform That Delivers.

Although the timeline was tight, the delivery was carried out quickly and efficiently. Adform Creative assembled the kits at our state-of-the-art fulfillment center and shipped the boxes to 27 Spectrum offices as well as the residences of the Sales Team member's homes. The set resulted in a higher volume of client meetings, better client meetings, and more productive client meetings. 

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