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Case Study: Spectrum's Rubik's Cube Speaker

Jun 4, 2021 4:22:46 PM

Sing and Solve.

Charter Communications, Inc., is an American telecommunications, internet, and mass media company with services branded as Charter Spectrum. 


Seeking First to Understand.

For Spectrum's Driven By Data National Tour, the Adform Creative Team was consulted to identify a product that connected data with logic. 

Painting with Product.

The product chosen was a Rubik's Cube Speaker. All panels of the product were customized with Spectrum branding and full color packaging was developed to complement it. This product satisfied the logic component of the request - figuring out how to align the cube's four sides - as well as the data component: podcasts, music, or any other content can be played through the speaker, while working on the Rubik's Cube. Although a typical Rubik's Cube would be six-sided, the speaker controls and grill occupy two of the four sides, making this Rubik's Cube easier to conquer than a traditional Rubik's Cube. There was a preliminary concern that the product would be first and foremost a Rubik's Cube, with only second-rate sound capabilities, however, after testing the speaker with a variety of music genres, it surpassed all expectations!

A Platform That Delivers.

Besides being a resounding hit that was talked about for years after the campaign ended, the Spectrum Rubik's Cube Speaker is a remarkable example of strategy transcending product. While we acknowledge that brands are virtual billboards which need to be showcased gracefully on products to reflect the company they represent, we are deliberate about taking a strategic approach to our projects. In other words, our services are strategy oriented, rather than product oriented. It's about more than printing logos on products; it’s about understanding the need, exceeding client objectives as product artists, and delivering impactful solutions.
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