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Think Outside The Booth - How to Maximize Tradeshow Exposure

Mar 6, 2020 10:55:10 AM


Tradeshows offer endless opportunities for brand exposure - beyond giveaways, banners, and table covers. With tradeshows all over the globe, your team is going to be travelling which means busy airports, crowded flights, and long lines at the car rental desk. Good news! This traffic (and the nuisance that sometimes ensues) is complimentary marketing for your brand!

Here are some additional ideas for making impressions with promotional products at your next event:

En Route

G531_luggage tag_ls-1

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your final destination with a drained phone battery. Our favorite charging cable (which extends up to 4'!) will power your small electronic devices in the car as you drive to the airport, at the gate while you wait to board, and during the flight.

Don’t stop at branded luggage tags and passport holders, outfit your tradeshow team with products like convenient underseat luggage and fashionable laptop bags. Before the show even starts, you’ve turned your tradeshow team into living, breathing ambassadors for your logo!

At the Hotel


When you’re living out of a hotel room for a few days, the conveniences of home seem a million miles away - even something as simple as charging your laptop. How about a travel adapter or a lighted wifi smart plug that illuminates your logo when plugged in? No one wants to be fumbling around in the dark in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

You never know how much closet space will be available, so be sure your staff is well-equipped with a sturdy garment bag, like the one from our reputable brand name, RuMe.

On the Show Floor


Catch the eyes of passersby by putting your tradeshow staff in a new polo with a modern collar and updated fit. Plus, give them a stylish knit jacket to wear when things get chilly in the exhibit hall. 

For more subtle exposure, make sure that every one manning the booth has an extra power bank on hand. Your team can offer to power up booth visitors' phones - they'll have no choice but to browse your booth while their phones charge!

At a Special Client Meeting or Event

ST4582_coffee table_ls-1

Before or after the tradeshow, your team might have special meetings with clients, business partners, or recruits. Cement a key business relationship by giving a personalized gift. A notebook and pen set, debossed with an individual’s name or initials, is sure to wow.


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