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Case Study: Thinking Inside the Box

Mar 24, 2021 3:56:43 PM

While sourcing gift ideas have you ever found yourself trying to decide between the bamboo bento box, the outdoor hammock, and the waterproof speaker?

Why pick? Create a camping-themed branded box complete with all three items – one for munching, one for relaxing, and one for rockin' beside the campfire. Consider inserting a gift within another gift. Add a t-shirt and tumbler into a soft-sided Igloo cooler or tuck a snack bag into a camper mug. It's time to start thinking inside the box.


Branded boxes are boundless in theme and design, and are easily customizable to fit any need and budget. Delivering a tangible collection of products is an engaging way of gifting while simultaneously showing off your brand.

2020 hindered many in-person events like tradeshows and sales meetings. As in-person events  make a comeback, we encourage you to incorporate PPE into your gift boxes to make attendees feel comfortable and safe. Demonstrate that you first and foremost care about their wellness with PPE like branded masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers.

For virtual events, consider a mailer. A 5 o'Clock Box, replicating a sponsored cocktail hour, complete with stunning packaging mimicking a mixologist’s paradise, will help make the event feel more like old times. Load the box with beverage mixers, infused ice cubes, multi-tool coasters, and a stylish flask inlaid with your brand and outfitted with a handwritten note to give it an even more personal touch.

Gratitude boxes are versatile as well as encouraging. Include a branded stationery set with thank you cards and a roll of stamps so your recipient can extend their own gift of gratitude. Throw in a gratitude journal to encourage your recipient to keep up the habit of recognizing and expressing gratitude through 2021 and beyond. 

While the obvious purpose of packaging is to conceal and protect the gift inside, packaging also provides us a platform to demonstrate thoughtfulness, create anticipation, and elevate value. There is no doubt that custom full-color boxes are the fad right now and, thanks to technological improvements, long lead times and high costs no longer put a damper on their impressive canvas.

However, decorating the exterior of a standard mailer is another option that places a smile on the face of a receiver before they even open the package. Screen printing your logo on the box, using custom packaging tape, and adhering playful stickers are all opportunities to market your brand. Don't forget color coordinating crinkle and tissue paper, which come in all types of colors and finishes, from craft or white to metallic blends. 

Branded boxes are all about maintaining that human-to-human element that was harder to come by in 2020. This personal touch is so important in giving back to your brand advocates with thanks and recognition by gifting products that are useful, appreciated, and memorable.

Let us help you design your own branded box today!

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