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Case Study: Top Gifts for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Jul 5, 2022 7:37:00 AM


Knowing what a typical day in a truck driver’s life entails can help narrow your search for the best Driver Appreciation Week gifts. A truck driver usually goes through a routine consisting of some of the following tasks: storing or making food for meals, driving up to 11 hours, picking up and delivering loads, pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and routine vehicle maintenance.

For many truck drivers, their occupation is more than a job. It’s a way of life. Due to long hours, limited cab space, and living on the road for long periods at a time, the right tools can make a big difference in a driver’s life. 

To help you find the perfect gifts for truck drivers, we’ve pulled together a list of ideas from practical items that make their everyday duties easier, safer, and more efficient, to improving their comforts during downtime, to helping them save money.

1. Seat Cushion

SWProdPic (6)-1

Starting at $3.18

Despite the advanced comfort technology found in many of today’s big rigs, most truck drivers will tell you there’s no such thing as too much padding for their driver’s seats. 

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2. Dashboard Phone Mount

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Starting at $5.06

For truck drivers, keeping their eyes on the road is a must. That’s why a phone mount makes a great addition to a trucker driver’s list of equipment. Many truck drivers use their phones for E-logs or GPS, in addition to calls. A sturdy phone mount, like the Clip-IT Dashtop™, allows hands-free viewing on the open road.

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3. Head lamp

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Starting at $8.34

Truck drivers often need to carry out portions of their routine in low-light conditions, so a flashlight is a crucial piece of gear. This head lamp has 3 lighting modes including a flashing strobe for signaling . It comes with a full range 90 Pivoting Head with click-stops for targeted lighting. The two way adjustable elastic headband (with foam contact point) fits comfortably on most heads. The 3 "AAA" required batteries are included and installed! Thanks to its compact size, this head lamp lends itself well to the limited storage space available in a commercial vehicle.

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4. 3-Pocket Seat Back Organizer

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Starting at $20.02

Space in a truck's cab is at a premium, and with their busy lives, truck drivers appreciate organizational items. This 3-pocket organizer can be conveniently hung over the passenger seat. Its generous size and multiple pockets enable compact storage for a variety of items, including clipboards, bills of lading, registration information, and more.

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5. Vacuum Insulated stainless steel Tumbler

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Starting at $27.54

Truck drivers often know well the saying, “if the wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning.” To help drivers stay hydrated without making frequent and costly stops to refill, we recommend the Patriot 20oz. Tumbler. The Patriot 20oz. insulated stainless steel tumbler keeps your favorite drink ice cold for 24 hours or steaming hot for 6 hours. Patriot symbolizes the American spirit incorporating the stars and stripes of our flag in a battlefield-ready design. With every purchase a portion of the proceeds are donated to Homes For Our Troops. 

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6. Hands-Free Wireless Earbuds


Starting at $33.86

Most truck drivers can agree it gets pretty lonely out there. That’s why a hands-free wireless headset (with microphone) makes such a great gift. This device enables truck drivers to remain compliant with hands-free laws while keeping in touch with friends, loved ones, and customers. Easily pairs with iOS and Android devices.

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7. Hamilton Beach Portable Slow Cooker


Starting at $56.00

It’s easier to opt for truck stop and restaurant food rather than healthy snack options during a long drive. That’s why a portable slow cooking oven is a great gift choice. By choosing alternatively to cook delicious and nutritious foods in the cab of their truck, drivers save money and eat healthier. While it doesn’t heat food as quickly as a microwave, it can warm or cook food and has a keep warm setting to maintain temperature and prevent overcooking.

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8. Polarized Sunglasses

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Starting at $88.92

Driving into the sun is a frequent occurrence for drivers who are behind the wheel for more than six hundred miles a day. A good pair of polarized sunglasses makes a noticeable difference in protecting a driver’s eyes and keeping them safe. These sunglasses feature adjustable rubber nose pads that offer a custom fit. Lightweight, semi-rimless design offers extensive eye coverage and all day comfort.

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