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Case Study: What are the top Tradeshow Giveaways?

May 3, 2022 6:04:00 PM


Did you know 52% of attendees are more likely to visit an exhibit if it’s offering a promotional giveaway? A well laid out booth is a start but if you really want to get the crowd’s attention, it’s all about having the right swag.

Tradeshows are exhausting - attendees spend an average of 8.3 hours walking from booth to booth. Keep by-passers lingering at your booth with a complementary coffee station and camper mugs branded with your logo next to the coffee machine. With free caffeine and a free mug to go with it, your exhibit will be where everyone's gathered.

Below are our top 15 tradeshow giveaway picks. Most of them are unconventional twists on old classics like credit card sized hand sanitizer (finally made with a silicone sleeve to hold your credit card), a (slap) coolie, (stuffed toy) stress relievers, a (mini) Zoom light, a (desk) vacuum, a (freeze) erasable pen, an (affordable) Bento box, (food) bags, and yes - gummy bears!

This list is based on what our customers are asking for, trend analysis shared by industry experts, and research into what audiences really want. Influenced by the rise in gift boxes and virtual conferences, swag trends have shifted to prioritize quality over quantity.

#1 Reusable Straw 10-Pack

SWProdPic (12)

Starting at $1.32

These carnival-like straws are eco-friendly and come in a pack of 10 assorted colors. Branded reusable straws keep your business in front of prospects every time they need to grab a new straw.

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#2 Reusable Food Storage Bags

SWProdPic (10)

Starting at $2.92

Reusable and recyclable products are at the forefront of most industries. This giveaway is great for small carry-on toiletries or leftover food.

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#3 FriXion Pens

SWProdPic (8)

Starting at $2.94

The FriXion pen, available in a wide range of colors, is heat-sensitive and fully erasable, making it a bestseller in the retail market. Tip: if you’ve erased your notes or left your notebook in the heat, the ink will reappear after you put your notes in the freezer! This handy pen will quickly become your customer’s new favorite.

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#4 Slap Wrap™ Can Insulator

SWProdPic (11)

Starting at $3.12

This nostalgic slap coolie will take your customers right back to one of the most iconic trends of the early 2000s: slap bracelets. The updated version is less painful to show off - it wraps around your beverage instead of your wrist! If you want to affordably maximize impressions, branded coolies are a great option. They're an easy way to get your logo into many hands! 

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#5 Credit card Sanitizer & Phone Wallet

SWProdPic (9)

Starting at $4.04

Credit card sized sanitizer finally meets credit card. This sanitizer comes with silicone sleeve to hold your ID and credit cards! Perfect to use between vendor exhibits and before meals.

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#6 Plush Stress Reliever

SWProdPic (4)


SWProdPic (3)


SWProdPic (2)


Starting at $5.76

We’re not just talking about any old stress reliever here. This stuffed toy stress reliever is a unique spin on the typical stress reliever and will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Choose between an array of different shapes to find one that matches the theme of your booth or your product offering. Plus, customize it with your logo or slogan.

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#7 Zoom Light

SWProdPic (5)

Starting at $6.60

This Zoom Light is compatible with laptops and mobile phones. Zoom has seen a 2900% increase since 2019 with 300 million daily users. Remote working is here to stay and these ring lights will prevent anyone from being in the dark! PS – this is an economical item to mail to virtual tradeshow attendees!

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#8 PopSockets®

SWProdPic (7)

Starting at $7.18

If one of your goals in renting a booth at a show is to make the most impressions possible on your prospective clients, PopSockets® are the way to go. Just think, could you even count how many times you look at your phone in a day?

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#9 Gummy Bears


Starting at $7.22

A snack cube can serve as the perfect hand out during an in-person tradeshow (especially during those hours when everyone has the munchies!) or a fun way to incorporate breaks into a virtual tradeshow. Individually packaged in a clear container, recipients will love that they can reuse the container, giving some extra value and long-term exposure to your giveaway. Customize it with a 4-color process label printed with your logo.

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#10 27oz Water Bottle


Starting at $10.20

While there’s probably a water cooler and Styrofoam cups somewhere in the convention center, nobody wants to lose time going back and forth for refills. Keep everyone hydrated by handing out water bottles that they'll use for years to come!

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#11 Branded Journal


Starting at $12.34

Despite the rise in technology, planners and notebooks have grown in sales over the past few years. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that retailers like Target and Michaels have reserved more shelf space for planners and notebooks recently as a result of this increase in sales.

This journal has a built-in elastic closure and ribbon page marker. With a large decoration space for your logo or a message of your choice, it will have your company looking sharp. 

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#12 Power Bank

SWProdPic (6)

Starting at $12.10

If you're looking for a promotional item that your event attendees will almost certainly use, this is the product for you. Between travel, seminars, and breakout meetings during tradeshow season, it's nearly impossible to keep your battery charged.'ve got a branded power bank. Your customers will thank you when they're not fighting for outlets on the plane.

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#13 Three Compartment Bento Box


Starting at $13.60

As more companies resume in-office operations, lunch containers are back in demand. This Bento Box is a sustainable alternative to disposable lunch containers. Hold the three-compartment container and utensils in place, for an easy on-the-go lunch, with the clips on the side. Customize it by adding your logo to the top for a professional, branded giveaway.

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#14 Socks


Starting at $15.12

Step into success with pantone color-matched socks as your next tradeshow giveaway! Custom socks can be woven or printed uniquely to your specifications so none of the other booths will be able to step on your creativity. Custom branded socks are a super way to give out apparel, that your prospect clients will inevitably wear, without having to ask for their size. Knock the socks off your prospects!

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#15 Crumbee Desktop Vacuum


Starting at $25.42

As employees return to the office there’s a renewed focus on workspace cleanliness. Recipients will love how the Crumbee makes it easy to keep their desks clean, organized, and crumb-free.

The Crumbee is wireless and mini enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It also features a 360 degrees rotatable design for tight nooks and hard-to-reach crannies. It is operated by two double-A batteries that will power through up to 100 minutes of continuous clean time. When the vacuum gets full, unload it by popping off the bottom and emptying the contents into the (kitchen) trash!

Customizable with a full-color digital epoxy dome imprint for an untraditional tradeshow giveaway that will make your brand pop.

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Final Thoughts

After the tradeshow is over, it's the swag your prospective clients are left with. Don't resort to the status quo with a boring lanyard or non-woven tote, purchase swag that will cause these prospects to remember what they learned at your booth every time they use it!



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