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Case Study: Which Water Bottle Represents Your Brand's Personality?

Jul 7, 2021 10:51:10 AM

With the increasing popularity of health and fitness accessories alongside a growing trend towards sustainability, it’s no surprise that in 2020, 78% of consumers reported owning a piece of drinkware that was branded with a company’s logo on it. A neat water bottle with a logo on it makes a good gift on its own, but a water bottle that encapsulates a brand’s personality can be a much more powerful marketing tool.


Every brand has a personality that its ambassadors try to reflect across the organization’s activities, communications, and products. So if an organization was to select a water bottle that reflects its identity, tone, style, values, and resonates with its target market, what would it look like? 

Let’s explore how a range of water bottles can communicate the personalities of different brands.

Brand Profile 1: Young and Hip
Personality: spontaneous, modern, accessible. Uses a friendly, conversational tone in marketing to its audience.

27_oz_h2go_fresh_03envThis fruit-infusing water bottle is fresh, fun, and just right for a young and active audience. 

Brand Profile 2: Sleek and Savvy
Personality: professional, forward-thinking, high-end. Uses a professional, mature tone to interact with its audience.

16.9_oz_h2go_echo_06envo1This slim design allows the water bottle to fit into tight spaces, e.g. alongside a laptop or books.

Brand Profile 3: Established and Classic
Personality: Corporate, reserved, traditions. Colors within the lines. Uses a formal tone to communicate with its target market.

18_oz_h2go_inspire_03envMade of borosilicate glass with a carrying handle and protective silicone sleeve.

Most people keep a piece of branded drinkware for at least 12 months. During this lifespan, it is estimated to generate 1,400 brand impressions. This means that a piece of branded drinkware which costs $7.00 will have a cost per impression of approximately half of a cent.

Creating a promotional product that makes a strong impression takes more than just imprinting a logo and selecting the right product color. Brands are created and augmented through every element they release into the world - from their products, to their website, to their representatives’ regular interactions with their clientele.

It’s important to remember that a brand isn’t just a theory that a designer and marketing team contrive. Rather, it’s the entire experience customers have when making a transaction with an organization.

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