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Case Study: Women of Ibex Merch

May 10, 2021 3:56:40 PM

Think pink.

Ibex is a rapidly expanding BPO company with a growing community of customer service agents that offer contact center services to multiple Fortune 500 companies around the world. 


Seeking First to Understand.

Leadership at Ibex set on an initiative called Women of Ibex to promote inspiration, interaction, and information between the women within Ibex's organization. Women are encouraged to network together and mentor each other to increase opportunities for and further the impact of women throughout Ibex.

Painting with Product.

Women of Ibex reached out to Adform Creative to help spread awareness about their new campaign with branded merchandise. The Adform Creative Team helped to simplify the full color logo that had been developed into a two color logo. This expanded the selection of merchandise to choose from (not every product can sustain full color decoration!) and made it more budget friendly. Through the use of unique decoration methods and locations, such as subtle deboss on the journal, a full color acetate insert on the Tervis tumbler, and left-of-center embroidery on the hats, the merchandise mirrors current trends at retail. 

A Platform That Delivers.

With locations in the United States and across the world, including Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America, Women of Ibex needed a means to offer their merchandise for sale. To facilitate the purchase of Women of Ibex products, they were simply added to the online company store Adform Creative already hosts for Ibex, under a new category. Ibex staff could log on to the store, browse the offering, and place their orders, drawing from the Women of Ibex merchandise already in stock at Adform Creative's warehouse. This in-stock model, whereby products are on the shelf and ready to ship, creates a convenient Amazon-esque shopping experience for the buyer. Adform Creative's ability to accommodate orders on the online portal from and ship to international locations helped with Women of Ibex's goal to disseminate and appreciate women around the world. 

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