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In the News: Women's Apparel - What's The Latest?

Nov 10, 2021 4:42:04 PM

Now that people are returning to the office at hybrid or full capacity and traveling for work appointments once again, we’re going to need to think a bit about our wardrobes - or maybe rethink them entirely. Here’s what that means for women's branded apparel.


1. Casual and Comfortable

As much as we all tried to dress professionally while working from home, some days sweatpants were the corporate uniform. And that’s OK! It’s great to stay comfortable while you handle business - that’s what the whole “Zoom Shirt” phenomenon is all about.

It’s unrealistic to think that people will want to switch from yoga pants to suits overnight. Polos are easily decorated with a company logo (bonus points if the logo is visible on virtual meetings), and are comfortable enough that the wearer doesn’t need to sacrifice comfort for professionalism. 


2. Styles and Colors

Designs from before the pandemic are still proving popular for many brands. Currently one of the more in vogue cuts is the raglan baseball t-shirt, which has both a classic and comfortable look. They are available with two-tone sleeves, in tri-blend fabric, and in a wide array of colors - bright and bold shades to soft pastels, the latter of which are more difficult to keep in stock due to demand.



Fashion moves a mile a minute. People acclimate to one trend just in time for style to move on to the next one. The pandemic sort of allowed us to take a breath and catch up - it helped that good old pajama pants and basketball shorts were the fad last summer.

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